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Bikademy project present innovative approach of promotion certain area as desirable cycling destination.

It consists of web platform and mobile application where User (Bike Student) has to register in order to get virtual Index. Index is divided into Studies which present certain areas. And each Study consists of default Locations (Exams).

The Bike Student has to register and sign in, cycles through locations, checks in and makes a photo of himself and his bicycle on location, and in that way passes the Exam. After passing all exams from one Study, Student gets Giant Croatia reward. Exams can be passed randomly and in any time period.

Currently, Bikademy has seven Studies (five in Slavonia and Baranya and two in Istria). Since November 2016., mobile application is used and it’s free for all Bike Students.

All activities and ideas regarding Bikademy are made by NGO Lima. Project is co – financed by Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Croatia.

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